In 2001, InstallStuff was formed as a sole proprietorship operated out of our parents' garage. For the next decade, our primary focus was on the installation and maintenance of low voltage systems. Since then, our staff has pursued extensive education (BS & EE cum laude) and hands-on training (both IBEW commercial and non-union residential) in the electrical industry. In 2009 our general partner became a licensed electrician in Austin, Texas. Drawn by the outdoor wilderness, in 2016 our partners moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, in order to construct a home adjoining the national forest. Since completed, in 2018 we registered InstallStuff LP as a Chattanooga Class II Electrical Contractor, to specialize in Residential electrical projects valued under $25,000. Having scored 100% on the ICC Electrical Contractor Exam, you can rest assured that we know how to apply the National Electrical Code perfectly to your home project needs.